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CHARM Installation Files

The End User License Agreement for the CHARM software is available for preview here. It needs to be agreed to during the installation process.

Select the trial versions of the software that you want and press Add To Cart. You will need to register before a download of the trial versions can be done. When you are ready to download, proceed to checkout from Your Cart. On the final page of the checkout process there will be a download link. The trial versions of CHARM are cost free and PayPal and Google sometimes have difficulty with that. You can View Your Cart and then Checkout from the cart. Since no cost is involved, no financial information will be required or requested.
Image Item Number Product NameAvailabilityPriceQuantity
CHARM Trial - Complex Terrain
Full featured complex terrain version - Two week evaluation copy. Version (not time) limited KEYS provided BEFORE September 19, 2016 will NOT WORK. Updated January 18, 2017.
CHARM Trial - Flat Terrain
Full featured flat terrain version - Two week evaluation copy. Version (not time) limited KEYS provided BEFORE September 19, 2016 will NOT WORK. Updated October 20, 2016.

After downloading:

Run the program (Charm9.exe and/or Charm11.exe). Follow the instructions that appear. The two versions of the program can be installed on a single machine.

Both versions have default answers to all of the release description and meteorological input when the program starts. For the complex terrain version (Charm11) a calculation region grid must also be supplied.

Uninstall CHARM

To uninstall CHARM follow the directions given here. Files saved by CHARM will not be removed.

To see an example impact:

Start the program. A pair of tabbed dialogs will appear. For a new user, the tabbed dialogs are the easiest method to enter a release and meteorological description. To see the example results, it may be best to close the dialogs. They can be reopened by selecting Description Dialog Input… or Met Dialog Input… in the Options menu.

Flat terrain version (Charm9)–

  1. Select Plume… in the Displays menu
  2. Press the OK button on the dialog that appears.

Complex terrain version (Charm11) –

  1. Select Open… in the File menu and open the file you find there
  2. Select Open… in the Grid menu and open the file you find there
  3. Select Open… in the MetFile menu and open the file you find there
  4. Select Plume… in the Displays menu
  5. Press the OK button on the dialog that appears.
  6. If you become impatient, you can press Stop (show plume after next complete time step) or Cancel (show plume from last complete time step).

Unlocking the CHARM Software

First, the program must be purchased. That can be done from the Home page. The program is unlocked through the use of a License file supplied by us. The License is created using unique identifiers for the machine upon which it is to be run. The License is valid only for the machine that has those unique identifiers. The license file must be placed in the directory where the appropriate CHARM.exe resides. Next time CHARM starts the file will be read. When the CHARM software is running the unique identifiers are available on the dialog when CHARM starts or when About Charm, in the Help menu is selected.

The unique identifiers can be sent to us manually by you or have CHARM send it automatically. CHARM can send it automatically if you select Existing User Get Key… in the Help menu. Fill out the form and press the Send button.

To send the information manually, you can note the unique identifiers, called Site Code and Machine Identification (MID), and send it in an e-mail to along with your name, company name, phone number, and e-mail address.

Each License file that will be returned when the identifiers are provided will be good only on the machine with those identifiers. They are not transferable to other machines. The identifiers for a machine are determined by its hardware configuration and some other factors. The identifiers may change if a machine is booted differently (e.g. to a different partition of the hard drive) or logged in to a different user. A different user may not see the same hard drive or RAM space.

Before you send the identifiers to us it is strongly recommended that the machine be in the configuration (boot and log in) that will be used when CHARM is to be run. Identifiers have changed in the past between initial installation (perhaps logged in as the administrator) and later when the final user is trying to use it.

Free Map Retriever

Maps can be an important feature in presenting the degree of impact from a release, fire, or explosion. For the complex terrain version a map is often the first step in creating a grid. CHARM does include an interface for downloading maps from Yahoo!® via the Internet. Maps from Google™ and Bing Maps™ are not internally available due to use restrictions in commercially available software. A program specifically designed to retrieve maps from Yahoo!®, Google™, and Bing Maps™ has been developed.

After retrieving a map it can be saved in CHARM's format for immediate use. The map is also loaded into the clipboard whenever a save is requested so that it can be used in other programs.

The program can also be used to retrieve a map for an existing grid. When a grid file is read its location and area coverage is used to determine the center point and zoom level for a map.

The program, CHARMInetMaps.exe, is available for downloading without purchase or having to register.

Technical Descriptions

The technical description documents for both versions are available for download. These documents are installed along with the program if the evaluation copies are downloaded and installed.

Download the technical documentation for the flat terrain version here.

Download the User's Manual for the flat terrain version here.

Download the technical documentation for the complex terrain version here.


Some papers showing how the complex terrain version can be used to address difficult problems are also available.

Cooling Tower Deposition
Water Curtain Ammonia Scavenging Efficiency
CHARM Validation Study

Non-CHARM Fun Stuff

These programs are just for fun or a waste of time, depending on your perspective. They are provided with no support.


This program is only for diehard meteorological data nuts. It allows you to zoom into an area of the world. A region can be selected. The current meteorological data for that region will be downloaded and displayed in standard meteorological display format. The data can be analyzed to show isolines for pressure, temperature, or dew point. Wind streamlines can also be shown.

Download here and then run the program to install.


This program allows you to solve a Sudoku puzzle. Enter the initial definition of the problem or create a new game and save it. Then you select the other entries through the use of drop down boxes. As you progress, the numbers available in each drop down box is updated to only those that are possible. Hints and solving are available. Full undo of hints and your entries is present.

Download here and then run the program to install.