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Thank you for downloding our CHARM Software for evaluation.

If you encounter any problems pease contact us.

After downloading:

Run the program (Charm9.exe and/or Charm11.exe). Follow the instructions that appear. The two versions of the program can be installed on a single machine.

Both versions have default answers to all of the release description and meteorological input when the program starts. For the complex terrain version (Charm11) a calculation region grid must also be supplied.

An evaluation/trial copy of the software cannot be used for commercial purposes. Only a paid-for license can be used for commercial projects.

To see an example impact:

Start the program. A pair of tabbed dialogs will appear. For a new user, the tabbed dialogs are the easiest method to enter a release and meteorological description. To see the example results, it may be best to close the dialogs. They can be reopened by selecting Description Dialog Input… or Met Dialog Input… in the Options menu.

Flat terrain version (Charm9)–

  1. Select Plume… in the Displays menu
  2. Press the OK button on the dialog that appears.

Complex terrain version (Charm11) –

  1. Select Open… in the File menu and open the file you find there
  2. Select Open… in the Grid menu and open the file you find there
  3. Select Open… in the MetFile menu and open the file you find there
  4. Select Plume… in the Displays menu
  5. Press the OK button on the dialog that appears.
  6. If you become impatient, you can press Stop (show plume after next complete time step) or Cancel (show plume from last complete time step).

Unlocking the CHARM Software

First, the program must be purchased. That can be done from the Home page. The program is unlocked through the use of a software key supplied by us. The key is created using a unique identifier for the machine upon which it is to be run. The key is valid only for the machine that has that unique identifier. When the CHARM software is running the unique identifier is available on the displays that appear when Enter Key… or About Charm… in the Help menu is selected.

The unique identifier can be sent to us manually by you or have CHARM send it automatically. CHARM can send it automatically if you select Existing User Get Key… in the Help menu. Fill out the form and press the Send button.

To send the information manually, you can note the unique identifier, called Reference Code or Machine Fingerprint, and send it in an e-mail to along with your name, company name, phone number, and e-mail address.

Keep in mind that the unique identifier should only be for the machine that is going to run the software.