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Most users require no training, especially if they have had technical training. CHARM is designed to be as intuitive as possible. If training is required, it can be done remotely or on-site.

Remote Training

The help files that come with the software are often the best source of information. Pressing the F1 key brings up help for the window or dialog being displayed. Help for a menu item can be viewed by pressing Shift-F1 and selecting the item.

Some videos on the operation of CHARM are available at YouTube.

The software is fully supported while under maintenance. In fact, most users rely on help/training via email. Responses to email requests are almost always in less than 24 hours. If required to properly respond, example input files are provided.

On-site Training is Available.

If one or more personnel are to be trained, we can come to your location, which is the most cost effective answer. We charge for time and travel expenses. Up to about 10 attendees can be trained by one instructor. If more than 10 trainees are to attend, two instructors may be required.

Training normally last two or three days (depending on version) and covers enough of the theory behind the model to aid in determining the correct input along with hands-on use of the model. The training can be customized to your needs. For example, we can provide aid in developing maps or scenarios for your organization./p>

Contact us for further information.

Course Agenda

As can be seen from the course agenda the training covers both the flat and complex terrain versions. The first half of the course covers material for both versions. The second half centers on the complex version.